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The Beauty and Power of Biblical Exposition

Douglas Sean O’Donnell


The Sacred Duty and Delight of Handling the Word of God In order to understand, appreciate, and faithfully preach the word of God, pastors must discern the literary nature of the Bible. Instead of just acknowledging the various genres of Scripture, pastors and teachers should allow these genres to influence how the text is approached and communicated. In The Beauty and Power of Biblical Exposition, they will learn how to both read and preach the Bible as a literary anthology. To accomplish this, Douglas Sean O’Donnell and Leland Ryken teach pastors how to faithfully preach while keeping the original authors’ intentions in mind, helping them grow in their craft and love for God’s word. They explain how to read 6 genres—including narratives, parables, epistles, poetry, proverbs, and visionary writings—for the purpose of captivating congregations with the richness of Scripture. Written for Pastors: Especially young pastors or those just out of seminary Practical: Contains guides, tables, and examples to help develop sermons Heartfelt: Written with the desire for pastors to learn and grow as communicators

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