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English Resources

Doctrinally sound resources that are both biblically faithful and contextually appropriate are lacking in West Africa. We hope these resources will be used by God to build up His church for the work of ministry. These resources are distinct in that they move from theological foundations to cultural implications and then finally to practical applications. In that movement is the heart behind the resources we create. These resources lay a theological base for pastors and church leaders. Then, they force the reader to examine their culture through a biblical lens. Finally, the theology gets put into practice.

Africa Theology Series

The Africa Theology Series is a multi-volume set of books covering biblical, systematic and applied theology. The series is written in a way that will be accessible in nature and pastoral in tone. Each short book helps the reader understand the theological foundations, cultural implications and practical applications of key doctrines in the Christian faith. The series aims to give the pastor or lay leader contextualized tools needed to understand and defend their faith against the competing worldviews found in Africa.


This set of journals explores key topics with articles by trusted pastors and theological educators from both an American and an African context.

Other Resources

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