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Lydia Brownback


A 10-Week Study on Philippians, Excellent for Women’s Groups The apostle Paul suffered intensely for his faith, but despite the danger and pain of his story, his letters are filled with hope—hope rooted in the good news of the gospel. Join Lydia Brownback as she explores Philippians and shows readers that even in the face of persecution and other difficulties, there is abundant peace through unity in Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. This study helps women focus on God as the source of their joy when life threatens to sidetrack them. The Flourish Bible study series is designed to equip women—from baby believers to seasoned saints—to study God’s word. Bible study teacher Lydia Brownback guides women chapter by chapter through multiple books of the Bible, helping them come away with a deeper understanding of God’s word, its context in redemptive history, and how it uniquely reveals God and his gospel. 10-Week Bible Study for Women: Offers an in-depth, exegetical look at the book of Philippians Quick, Engaging Weekly Resources: Helpful reading plans, sidebars, timelines, and more help busy readers get the most out of Scripture Perfect for Individuals or Small Groups: Includes discussion questions and additional verses for further reading Part of the Flourish Bible Study Series

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