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Does It Matter What I Believe?

Samuel Jame


How Sound Doctrine Influences Every Area of the Christian Life Doctrine might be something you’ve heard in church, but how does it impact your life? Christian doctrine examines what the Bible teaches about particular topics, such as the nature of God, the nature of humanity, how humans should live, and more. By understanding biblical truths, believers have the tools to understand God, interpret Scripture, and live godly lives. In this addition to the Church Questions series, Samuel James addresses how doctrine influences every area of life for the believer. Many individuals know that their beliefs matter in certain areas of life, such as politics, but don't always understand how key biblical principles like the Trinity, ecclesiology, and the atonement should shape their everyday lives. It is easy to think that doctrine is only for theologians, but in reality, it is essential for everyone—humanity was created to know the truth about God, themselves, and the world. Part of the Church Questions Series: Developed to give biblical insight into common questions Ideal for New Christians: Introduction to the relationship between doctrine and living out the Christian life Short and Accessible Format: Concise, biblical teaching on the church’s system of beliefs

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