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Does God Love Everyone?

Matt McCullough


Many new believers have questions about what it means to live as a Christian in the context of a local church, and pastors are looking for resources to pass along to their congregations to help them think biblically about the Christian life. Church Questions is a series by 9Marks that seeks to provide Christians with sound and accessible biblical teaching by answering common questions about church life. Each booklet offers biblical answers and practical applications with the goal of nurturing healthy church practice and commitment. A popular children’s song starts with the lyrics “Jesus loves me, this I know.” Some people readily trust that they are loved by God, but others struggle to believe this is true for them. In this booklet, Matt McCullough addresses this topic by answering the question Does God love everyone? By directing us to the surprising answer found in the Bible, McCullough helps us to see God’s genuine love for all people and his specific love for those who trust in him.

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