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For His Glory.

Through His Church.

To All Peoples.

BUILDING UP & SENDING OUT the local church so that the Gospel might be declared and displayed among the nations

What is AXIS?

AXIS ministries exists to serve the local church in everything we do. We desire to see the glory of God declared and displayed among the nations through the proclamation of a biblically faithful Gospel and through the planting of healthy churches.

To accomplish this task we concentrate our efforts in three domains: biblical resources, practical training, and international networking.

AXIS ministries was created in 2022 and is based in Niamey, Niger.  While focused locally in that context, AXIS has a broad reach working with Gospel partners across Francophone Africa and beyond.

What Does AXIS Do?

AXIS concentrates ministry into three domains:


Creating and distributing doctrinally sound resources to help pastors and church members grow in their understanding of the Christian faith and the Christian life.

Implementing various opportunities for theological formation that seek to fill gaps (theological, geographical, educational, or pedagogical) so that those who are leading the church might be equipped to faithfully steward the task entrusted to them.

We work across denominational and geographical lines seeking to find like-minded leaders who share this same vision for healthy church so that we might collaborate.

Partner With Us

We have been so blessed to have deep partnerships both near and far throughout our ministry and we continue to call out for more. If you, your church, or your organization would like to partner with AXIS, click the button below to learn more.

Who is AXIS?

AXIS is a team of teams seeking to implement the overall vision across various places and among various peoples. Our core team is made up of 5 families who work together towards common goals while also leading unique ministries. They too are developing teams and partners focused to impact geographical regions and unreached people groups.

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